Ask Zethina (Cultist-Chan)




“Excellent, you do pick up on things quite quickly, I’m actually rather proud.” She said looking over Zethinas work, she quickly demonstrated on a slightly more practical way to hold the pencil and showed her how to write letters that weren’t so massive.
“Now try Echo’s name and my own, maybe Malleus. But try and keep the letters small. After I check them, I’ll call it a day and you can show Echo.” Sila wondered how Zethina would fare learning to be a hospitaller if she was learning to read and write this quickly, it was a might more difficult but do-able. 

She nodded as she tried to mimic the way she had been shown to hold the pencil, before she started to write down Echo and Sila’s names, getting them right the first time.  She then tried Malleus, first spelling it Maleeus, then Malleoos, before getting it right, and doodling a tiny angry marine next to it.

“Well done, now you can go back to Echo and practice, perhaps even have Echo name a few words for you to spell out.” Sila ran her fingers through her hair, this hadn’t gone as badly as it could have and Zethina pretty much absorbed everything she was told. She would make for a very good novice if Echo’s convent would let her through the door. “I will see you again tomorrow and you will tell me what new words you learnt.”

She nodded as she hopped off the bed with the pencil and notebook, and walked back to her quarters.  Along the way, she passed several of the marines arguing amongst themselves.  She had become a familar, yet disturbing, site on the ship according to the marines, who were still uneasy with her being there.  As she passed, she picked up on several of the more colourful words, and thought about how they would be spelt as she entered her quarters, before opening her notebook and jotting them down.